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Managing change across food systems in africa
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Are you ready to be a part of the transformative journey?

We are dedicated to transforming food systems across Africa through strategic change management. We tailor our approach to the unique needs and contexts of individuals and organisations, offering personalised services for concrete and effective solutions. With our deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of the African continent, we are your trusted partner for driving positive and sustainable change in the agricultural landscape.

our services

Youth Engagement Programs

Our youth-focused initiatives inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of agricultural leaders. From training workshops to mentorship programs, we cultivate a vibrant community of young changemakers.

Partnership Facilitation

We excel in forging partnerships that drive holistic change. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, we create collaborative solutions that address challenges across the entire food system.

Capacity Building

We offer bespoke support that strengthen the capabilities of agricultural organizations. Through tailored training, strategic planning, and skills development, we enhance their ability to navigate change effectively.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Our cross-cultural communication support ensures that ideas, strategies, and initiatives are effectively conveyed across cultural boundaries for maximum impact.

why we are different

  • Bespoke Support: Because we understand that every client and every context is unique, we prioritize a personalized approach, ensuring that each project is designed to address our clients’ specific needs, challenges and goals.
  • African Expertise: Our in-depth understanding of the African continent allows us to tailor solutions that resonate with local contexts, cultures, and challenges.
  • Holistic Approach: We address challenges across the entire food system, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable transformation.
  • Youth-Centric: We believe that young minds hold the potential to drive lasting change, and we provide them with the tools and platforms to do so.
  • Collaborative Mindset: Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We bring together diverse stakeholders to create synergy and amplify our collective impact.
  • Results-Driven: Our goal is to generate tangible and positive outcomes that make a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities within the food system.


Most often, the wellbeing and emotions of the entrepreneur are overlooked. This program exposed the importance of being sound as a leader—emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

Israel Chigozirim

CEO and Co-Founder, Riwe Technologies, Nigeria

Before the program, I used to fear to face the challenges of the business; after the program I was able to take difficult decisions that benefited the company. And I was able to see challenges as an opportunity to find new ways of doing things.

Seynabou Dieng

Managing Director, Maya SARL, Senegal

This program builds up the entrepreneur’s resilience and leadership skills which is not found in other programs.

Anaporka Adazabra

Team Leader, Farmio Limited, Ghana

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